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1812, 2018

How Can I Enhance My Microneedling Treatment?

By | December 18th, 2018|Microneedling|

Adding PRP to your treatment is quick and easy. You’ll undergo a simple blood draw which will be sent to our lab where platelets, growth factors, and stem cells will be isolated. Your skin-healthy PRP serum will be ready by the time your microneedling is finished. PRP is either applied topically or via injection after microneedling treatments. Microneedling is an advanced facial rejuvenation technique that’s gained popularity among both men and women over the last decade. Patients love the procedure thanks to the proven results with minimal downtime. SkinPen® has revolutionized the process making it an incredibly [...]

1012, 2018

Is A Liquid Facelift Possible?

By | December 10th, 2018|Liquid Facelift|

Aging affects us all. There’s no escaping it, but there is a way to reverse visible signs of aging and keep skin looking healthy and fresh longer. While many men and women are turning to surgical procedures, there are plenty of non-surgical alternatives. At Fundamentals Med Spa, our injector specialists routinely perform liquid facelifts for age-defying results with little to no downtime. A liquid facelift is a combination of injectables that are each designed to rejuvenate specific areas of the face. Injectables such as BOTOX® are ideal for treating deep dynamic wrinkles on the upper face. Hyaluronic acid (HA) based dermal [...]

2711, 2018

Which Parts of the Body Can Be Treated with CoolSculpting®?

By | November 27th, 2018|CoolSculpting|

CoolSculpting® is the worlds leading non-surgical fat-reduction procedure. It produces impressive results without the pain, side effects, or downtime associated with alternative treatments. Both men and women can effectively nix diet and exercise resistant fat cells throughout the face and body. At Fundamentals Med Spa, we have a variety of CoolSculpting® adaptors such as the CoolMini that can treat areas both large and small. We’ve helped hundreds of patients reach their body contouring goals with the help of CoolSculpting®. CoolSculpting® uses fat-freezing technology to zap unwanted fat while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. Over time, [...]

1711, 2018

What Skin Conditions Can Be Addressed with HydraFacial®?

By | November 17th, 2018|Hydrafacial|

HydraFacial® is a quick, spa-like treatment that produces instant rejuvenation without downtime. It’s safe and effective for all skin types, tones, and thicknesses. HydraFacial® is great for right before a big event or just because. Almost anyone can benefit from HydraFacial® because the treatment can actually improve skin health with time. HydraFacial® is a highly customizable procedure depending on your individual goals. At Fundamentals Med Spa, we have a variety of HydraFacial® Boosts to address your concerns quickly and effectively. Let’s take a look at just a few skin conditions HydraFacial® can help with. [...]

1011, 2018

What is a Vampire Facelift®?

By | November 10th, 2018|Vampire Facelift|

A Vampire Facelift® is a minimally-invasive alternative to traditional facelift surgery. The procedure doesn’t require any downtime which is why so many A-listers enjoy fitting it into their busy lifestyles. Vampire Facelift® combats a variety of aesthetic concerns and improves the skin’s overall health for long-lasting rejuvenation. A Vampire Facelift® can only be performed by a provider who is licensed with the Cellular Medicine Association (CMA). At Fundamentals Med Spa, we adhere to the strict methods and regulations associated with the Vampire Facelift® procedure to ensure an optimal outcome each, and every time. VIEW GALLERY [...]

2510, 2018

How Can I Improve the Tone & Texture of My Skin for the Holidays?

By | October 25th, 2018|Venus Viva™|

It’s only natural to want to put your best face forward during the holidays. From work events to holidays at home, it’s the time of year when there’s always something going on. You’re bound to run into friends and family you haven’t seen in ages making photo-ops and home videos a must. This year, walk into any event with self-confidence and take on the holiday with smooth, radiant skin. View Our Gallery At Fundamentals Med Spa, one of our go-to procedures for improving overall texture and tone is Venus Viva™ -a revolutionary non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment. Venus Viva™ is [...]

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