Why It’s Important to Wash Your Face Before Bed

Why It’s Important to Wash Your Face Before Bed

We have all been there and thought to ourselves, “I am just too tired to wash my face tonight!” Here are a few reasons why you should make the commitment to take the extra few minutes and do so…
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1. Washing your face at night not only removes our makeup, but it also helps to remove the dirt, dust, smoke, and sweat that accumulates throughout the day.

2. Leaving your makeup on lets it get trapped in your pores and creates bigger issues including enlarged pores, rashes, acne and irritated skin.

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3. Nighttime is the most important time of the day for our skin. At night, our skin naturally sheds dead cells to help exfoliate. Not allowing this process to happen with clean skin can lead to dull, flaky appearance and can even allow your skin to become uneven in tone.

4. Proper skincare helps prevent those dreaded wrinkles. Our skin is exposed to the free radicals in the environment day in and day out and makeup tends to be a magnet for them to stick to. These can breakdown our healthy collagen and slow down the collagen production, eventually leading to fine lines and wrinkles.

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