Food For Local Families To Be Donated Through Weight Loss Campaign

Food For Local Families To Be Donated Through Weight Loss Campaign

Many people have made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Fundamentals Med Spa in Indianapolis is assisting people with those goals while joining the fight to end hunger.
Fundamentals Med Spa will track the amount of weight lost by each of their clients and will donate one pound of food per one pound lost during the months of January and February.

“We want to show the public how successful they can be with their weight loss goals when they participate in our program,” Joanna Boyer, RN says. “Turning pounds of weight lost into meals for families in need is our way of giving back to the community.”

Gleaner’s Food Bank of Indiana will be the recipient of all food donations from Fundamentals Med Spa. It takes 1.3 pounds of food to equal a meal. Fundamentals Med Spa is looking to donate 2,000 pounds of food over the course of January and February, ultimately resulting in approximately 1,538 meals for needy families in Indianapolis.

For those interested in participating, Fundamentals Med Spa is offering half off its 30-day weight loss program. Visit the Fundamentals Med Spa website or call 317-222-7546 for details.
“After the busy holiday season, Gleaners’ warehouse is in need of restocking and Fundamentals Med Spa is making that possible,” said Cindy Hubert, Gleaners’ President & CEO. “By donating a pound of food for every pound a client loses, Hoosiers in need will greatly benefit. We’re grateful for Fundamentals Med Spa’s generosity, especially at this time!”

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