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Membership Options

Fundamentals Med Spa offers two membership options to fit your skincare needs and goals. Members can choose to enroll for either six months or one year, and a savings reward is included for those who select the one year program.

Monthly Services

Each plan includes a free monthly skin evaluation and medical-grade treatment. The type of service received will vary based on your skincare goals and your provider’s assessment. We encourage all members to visit each month for this service in order to ensure your progress toward beauty and anti-aging goals, discuss your at-home regimen with a licensed aesthetician, and get your questions answered.

Together with your aesthetician, you can create a long-term plan that includes a combination of services.

Exclusive Discounts and Extras

In addition to the monthly services, members also enjoy significant discounts on most products, Botox, and Dermal Fillers. For those who select the Elite membership, you’ll receive 20 free units of Botox. Plus, all members will are gifted an additional free service to celebrate their birthday!

Referral Rewards

Members have the opportunity to earn rewards for referrals, including a free month of membership. Ask us how!

Continuity of Care

Fundamentals Med Spa members benefit by returning to the same clinic each month. Continuity of care means consistent assessments of your skin, the progress of your professional treatment plan, and your at-home regimen by providers who know your specific needs and goals. This relationship allows for trust to be built, effective communication to occur, and the best results to be achieved!

Call us at 317.222.SKIN to learn more or to become a member today!

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